Technical Info

Ball valves, FULL BORE and REDUCED BORE collected in two main classes. Also in terms of sealing system FİXED BALL and Floating Ball can be manufactured in two types. KURSAN BALL VALVES reduced bore floating spheres are manufactured in series. If desired, other types of orders are answered.
The modern process industry, in our country at the start of development, has increased the demand for valves. Temperature and pressure factors, considering that the fluid abrasive media, selection of valves have a serious condition. These operating conditions, ensures the safety of the process valves sensitivity factors. In particular, the chemical industry, the environment is corrosive, requires the manufacture of stainless steel valves. However, with a large exercise area, solidly built, with a ball valve, valve problems you can solve the current process.
KURSAN valves, sealing pure P.T.F.E. and glass fiber P.T.F.E. is provided with. Owing to a lack of demand, viton, neoprene, such as stellite sealing materials used. Globe and drive shaft material, all kinds of valve, AISI304 stainless steel. Globe sensitivity, eccentricity and 4 rms surface roughness reached to 0008. Valves, now various Cr / Ni / Mo. alloy steels, carbon steel is manufactured in parallel with the development of the chemical industry, will be manufactured in special materials. Our valves, measurement and testing, as standard, BS.4460 is applied to mass production.


1 – Using the pressure of 1.5 times the hydrostatic valve half-open position, 5min. assesses the body.
2 – The hydrostatic seal test, both sides of the ball valve when closed, the case is made open to the atmosphere.
3 – Sealing systems testing, with 5.5 bar air pressure, closed cell open to the atmosphere, which is tested for water-filled side.


1 – It’s operating environment, (passing through the fluid)
2 – fluid concentration and temperature
3 – Using the pressure
4 – Start-flange connection type, threaded, socket welded, weld neck)
5 – Measurement or the amount of the fluid flowed per hour


All sales, testing and inspection takes place after. In addition, there are imalatlarımızın quality certificates, and our goods insurance. Warranty terms; User protective properties.